Check_MK – pfSense State Table Check (SNMP)

I needed a quick and dirty check for the pfSense's "State Table" via SNMP as I sometimes have the strange problem that it gets full and then I lose internet-connection. If the thresholds are hit and I am alerted, I hope I have time to investigate what is going wrong. The Check The default values... » weiterlesen

Check MK – Check Parameters Form Fields

No guarantee that I understood everything correctly. This site is not finished at all ;o) In general you set some default values in your check that should be used if no configuration via WATO was created for a service. For example there could be something like the following line nearly at the start of a... » weiterlesen

Check MK – Extension Packages – wider “Packaged Files” select boxes

If you wonder how to get wider select-boxes in WATO on the "Extension Packages - Create new package"-site, you have to edit the file /omd/sites/"your-site"/share/check_mk/web/plugins/wato/ - find the following section (around line 437): return Transform( DualListChoice( title = _("Packaged files"), choices = self._files_choices(), # size = 80, size = 135, rows = 10, allow_empty =... » weiterlesen

Check MK – Write your own active check

Download mkp-File: Todo (soon): github Active Check Script should return the few different states - 0, 1, 2, 3 for OK, WARN, CRIT, UNKOWN must be placed in ~/local/lib/nagios/plugins The Check_MK Plugin like always must be placed in ~/local/share/check_mk/checks and the WATO configuration in ~/local/share/check_mk/web/plugins/wato Example Script - A Check for RTMP-Streams This check... » weiterlesen

Check MK – Write your own check

Download mkp-File: redis-info-mkp Many thanks to Robert Sander, he was so kind to create a github-repo at - it will be updated by him the sooner or later. 2016-12-06 - Updated this How To: If you use my old version of the redis_info_check make sure to first delete every corresponding rule, remove the old... » weiterlesen