Kubernetes Cluster Setup with KubeKey

In this HowTo I will create a 3-node Kubernetes cluster where all nodes hold all Kubernetes roles (controlplane, worker and etcd). As Linux distribution I used Fedora 38 Server edition. I created three VMs with about 8GB memory and an extra 50+GB /data partition for later usage. I call my VMs in this HowTo vkube-1... » weiterlesen

Setup 3 Node Kubernetes 1.20 HA-Cluster (Without Docker) on Fedora 33

Master nodes will be worker nodes too (resources you know :wink:) We will use Keepalived and HAproxy as load-balancer for Kubernetes control-traffic. The whole Kubernetes-Cluster won’t use Docker anymore. Prerequisites Three machines setup with minimal installation of Fedora 33 Server. I will call them vkube-001 ( vkube-002 ( vkube-003 ( One VIP ( which we... » weiterlesen