My VM New Homelab

This HowTo is mainly meant as documentation if I have to resetup my lab 🙂 Hardware Ryzen 7 4750G 64GB RAM Network Interface card with 4 ports 1TB NVME M2 disk Prerequisites Internet Connection (in this case via my pfSense VM running on old lab) Backup of pfSense config Setup After doing a minimal Fedora... » weiterlesen

Grafana – Using A JSON Source For Tagging And Grouping

We are using Graphite for one part of our monitoring in the company where I'm currently working at and unfortunately our sources are not able to tag the different metrics. So we have to somehow declare groups with hosts and other parameters, to be able to nicely differ/choose between the different hosts/groups in a dashboard.... » weiterlesen

Check MK – Write your own active check

Deprecated: for CheckMK v1 Download mkp-File: Active Check Script should return the few different states - 0, 1, 2, 3 for OK, WARN, CRIT, UNKOWN must be placed in ~/local/lib/nagios/plugins The Check_MK Plugin like always must be placed in ~/local/share/check_mk/checks and the WATO configuration in ~/local/share/check_mk/web/plugins/wato Example Script - A Check for RTMP-Streams This... » weiterlesen

Check MK – Write your own check

This HowTo works up to CheckMK v1.6 --- A HowTo for creating a simple agent-plugin for v2.0 is available. Download mkp-File: redis-info-mkp Many thanks to Robert Sander, he was so kind to create a github-repo at - it will be updated by him the sooner or later. 2016-12-06 - Updated this How To: If... » weiterlesen