Grafana – Using A JSON Source For Tagging And Grouping

We are using Graphite for one part of our monitoring in the company where I'm currently working at and unfortunately our sources are not able to tag the different metrics. So we have to somehow declare groups with hosts and other parameters, to be able to nicely differ/choose between the different hosts/groups in a dashboard.... » weiterlesen

Create Windows 10 Storage Space Volume

A few days before this article I decided to buy a new PC respectively assemble a new one and I planned to create a Windows 10 Storage Spaces Volume for my "important" data. As data-HDDs I use now four Seagate BarraCuda Compute 2TB (ST2000DM008) in a mirrored 2-column volume with decent benchmarks (reaching up to... » weiterlesen

Check MK – Check Parameters Form Fields

No guarantee that I understood everything correctly. This site is not finished at all ;o) In general you set some default values in your check that should be used if no configuration via WATO was created for a service. For example there could be something like the following line nearly at the start of a... » weiterlesen

Check MK – Extension Packages – wider “Packaged Files” select boxes

If you wonder how to get wider select-boxes in WATO on the "Extension Packages - Create new package"-site, you have to edit the file /omd/sites/"your-site"/share/check_mk/web/plugins/wato/ - find the following section (around line 437): return Transform( DualListChoice( title = _("Packaged files"), choices = self._files_choices(), # size = 80, size = 135, rows = 10, allow_empty =... » weiterlesen

Check MK – Write your own active check

Download mkp-File: Todo (soon): github Active Check Script should return the few different states - 0, 1, 2, 3 for OK, WARN, CRIT, UNKOWN must be placed in ~/local/lib/nagios/plugins The Check_MK Plugin like always must be placed in ~/local/share/check_mk/checks and the WATO configuration in ~/local/share/check_mk/web/plugins/wato Example Script - A Check for RTMP-Streams This check... » weiterlesen

Check MK – Write your own check

Download mkp-File: redis-info-mkp Many thanks to Robert Sander, he was so kind to create a github-repo at - it will be updated by him the sooner or later. 2016-12-06 - Updated this How To: If you use my old version of the redis_info_check make sure to first delete every corresponding rule, remove the old... » weiterlesen

Such-Script für Squidanalyzer

Ich verwende für Auswertungen von Squid-Access-Logs gerne Squidanalyzer ( Um leichter z.B. unanständige URLs zu finden, um diese anschließend sperren zukönnen, habe ich mir ein Perl-Script geschrieben. Es funktioniert recht gut, aber hat noch Probleme mit bestimmten Sonderfällen (aber die sind nicht so kritisch; z.B. Tippfehler bei URLs :o) ). Das Script schlüsselt dann sehr... » weiterlesen

Perl Umgebung mit Perlbrew

Wenn man die systemeigene Perlumgebung nicht angreifen möchte um Konflikte zu verhindert, empfehle ich Perlbrew Perlbrew Installation einen "perlbrew" user erstellen z.B. /opt/perlbrew mit korrekten Berechtigungen für User "perlbrew" erstellen als Benutzer "perlbrew" anmelden (e.g. su - perlbrew) und in den angelegten Ordner wechseln (z.B. cd /opt/perlbrew) PERLBREW_ROOT Umgebungsvariable als Benutzer "perlbrew" setzen: export... » weiterlesen

VMware ESXi Patch Script für HP G9 Server

"Quick and Dirty" Patch Script für HP/HPE G9 Server mit VMware ESXi 6, da nur scsi-hpsa NICHT aktualisiert werden darf. Links: #!/bin/sh ############## ## 2016-03-09 ## Script by Clemens Steinkogler (clemens[at] for patching VMware ESXi 6 hosts ##   running on HP/HPE G9 hardware ## Copyright (C) 2016 Clemens Steinkogler ## ## This program... » weiterlesen

Direkt über Perl auf einem Netzwerkdrucker drucken

#!/usr/bin/env perl use strict; use warnings; use Net::Printer; # Create new Printer Object # lineconvert => "YES" ... for txt files # lineconvert => "NO" .... e.g. for pdf/ps files # works with Lexmark T654DN (prints in duplex) and E460DN (prints each page seperately) my $lineprinter = new Net::Printer(                                 server      => "",                                 port       ... » weiterlesen